Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Personalization of HITS algorithm

A very short overwiev of HITS (Hypertext Induced Topic Selection) algorithm and a method of its personalization (Link Fusion).

Link Analysis and Ranking - .pdf file (94 KB)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Citation pattern among the authors of Polish 'Philosophy of Science' journal

The paper (unfortunately only in Polish) concerned with the analysis of citation patterns among the group of authors publishing in a quite significant Polish philosophical journal - 'Philosophy of Science'.
The text was written for the social network classes, held in 2005/06 by Dominik Batorski, Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University.

Badania cytowań w Filozofii Nauki (Citation patterns in Philosophy of Science) - .pdf file (438 KB)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the experiential realism controversy

A paper (in Polish) about cognitive grammarians, experiential realists and traditional objectivism.

Kontrowersje wokół realizmu doświadczeniowego - .pdf file (345 KB)

On the Putnam's notion of reference

And now for something completely different: a paper about Putnam's notion of reference written (in Polish) for excercise sessions held in 2005/06, taught by Bogdan Dziobkowski in the Institute of Philosophy at Warsaw University.

Dwa pojęcia odniesienia — krytyczny przyczynek do Putnama teorii odniesienia przedmiotowego - .pdf file (109 KB)

Epistemic verbs in Polish according to Danielewiczowa

It's time I archive here some new-old stuff, still in Polish, unfortunately. This one is a summary of the first part of a book by Magdalena Danielewiczowa: "Wiedza i niewiedza. Studium polskich czasowników epistemicznych". The summary was prepared for a meeting of J.J.Jadacki's seminar held in 2004/05.

Magdalena Danielewiczowa - Wiedza i Niewiedza. Studium polskich czasowników epistemicznych - streszczenie - .pdf file (296 KB)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A bunch of notes on the notion of deep structure

I used to be a very diligent student and to make notes on every text I'd read. Here is a bunch of notes on 'Aspects of the Theory of Syntax' by Noam Chomsky and on a book by Geoffrey Huck & John Goldsmith: 'Ideology and linguistics. Noam Chomsky and the Deep Structure Debates'.

Geoffrey Huck & John Goldsmith: Ideology and linguistics. Noam Chomsky and the Deep Structure Debates — notes - .pdf file (62 KB)

Noam Chomsky: Aspects of the Theory of Syntax — notes - .pdf file (116 KB)

Corruption as a moral problem

Another paper in Polish, this time concerned with the analysis of the concept of corruption.
The text was written for the ethics course, held in 2005/06 by Zbigniew Szawarski, Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University.

Korupcja jako problem moralny (Corruption as a moral problem) - .pdf file (150 KB)